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If you are using a professional installer they will do this for you. If you do
happen to live in a hurricane high wind risk zone then in most cases you
will have to select a high wind code door. No matter where you live you
should do a good job of researching the best garage door and garage
doors pricing for your geographic and climatologically location.

Self installing a garage door is relatively easy if you have experience
working with tools and following directions. Self install videos are very
good and easy to follow. In most cases it is wise to enlist the help of one
or two people to assist you in the installation. Typical installation can be
completed in one day.

Without a doubt  your garage door opening is the weakest structural part
of your home or business. It is important that you do not scrimp on the
quality of your garage doors.
Garage doors pricing may or may not be a
good indication of real door quality. A good quality custom wood door
may cost as much as $10,000 but will provide poor protection from the
elements especially from severe storms. Where as a quality steel
reinforced door will stand up to 140 mile per hour winds and deter break
ins for as little as $600 when self installed.

Again it really pays for you to do your homework when selecting a
garage door for your home or business. In terms of garage door prices
probably the cheapest place to purchase a garage door is on line or from
one of the major home improvement chains. Both Home Depot and
Lowes offer not only a good selection of doors,
garage doors pricing but
also the technical advice needed to do a good job of self installation.

Technical advice is also provided by on line sellers in the form of videos
that show you exactly how to self install your new door.  In addition large
home improvement stores have lists of qualified contractors that will do
the installation for you if you are not capable of doing it yourself. You
can expect to pay from 30 to 50 percent more for a standard sized
installation. Installation costs should include the removal and disposal of
the old existing
garage doors and re-attaching your existing door
Garage doors prices should include parts labor and taxes.

You will find that garage doors pricing for custom doors that use non
standard opening are cost considerably higher. So too will the cost of
special door designs and materials increase prices. In all cases make
sure you have a good written
garage doors pricing quote that covers all
aspects of installation. In most cases you will have to have a minimum of
12 inches of header clearance and 5 inches of side clearance to make a
good installation. You also need to take condition of the garage into
consideration. A rough or poor floor condition will prevent the door seal
from working properly. It is really important to ask a lot of questions
when asking for a
garage door pricing and installation quote.  Ask for a
list of previous customers for reference as most quality installers will be
glad to provide them to you.

You will find that our list of
garage doors prices will help you in making
your cost estimates. These are just general estimates and should be
considered guidelines only. Recent increases in energy costs as well as
the decline in the housing market will also affect accuracy of our

According to the National Board of Realitors the number 2 improvement
you can make to increase the equity of your home is to upgrade your
Garage Door. Making the best choice in terms of style is critical. Check
out this video by on what options you have to
choose from for the best door for your home.
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Now is a great time to replace your garage door. Finding the best Garage
doors pricing, installation, repairs and installation is easier now than it has
ever been.  Simply follow the on line directions and make a few simple
measurements and you are ready to order. Typically your new garage door
will be shipped within a week right to your home.  You will find Clopay and
Holmes doors are available at great on line prices.
Properly estimating garage
door pricing is also relatively
easy whether you are
installing a new or
replacement garage door.
Again garage door websites
will walk you through what
type and size of garage door
that will meet your needs.

One of the first things you
must do is to check on the
local building codes that
must be followed when
purchasing and installing a
new door.
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